Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Yet more lego: Millenium Falcon ZipBin carry case

Just a sort little post that I've been meaning to get out for a while.

I'm on a serious Lego binge at the moment and I wanted something to keep the bits that are in progress but too small to keep in the open.

Amazon threw up a suggestion of this and for under £10 it seemed like a decent idea and if it didn't work out then I could just use it as a really nerdy handbag.

It measures around 27x35cm and is 8cm deep (10.5x14x3inches). The shoulder strap is not as long as you would think when looking at the picture online (that must be a very small child they used to badly Photoshop it onto) so it can't be worn across body on an adult without looking very strange but it can be suspended from one shoulder or carried like a briefcase with the handle.

A little detail I like is that it has a loop for a coat hook or something similar that you rarely see outside of backpacks so if you wanted to display it on a wall that makes it so much simpler and neater than if you were using any of the other straps.

It opens up to show a storage area and mat for building on. The storage area has six pockets specifically for minifigures around the sides and the mat provides a stable, flat area for building on.

The product description states that in can hold up to 400 lego bricks but I haven't tested that yet. It is really good however for keeping my half finished builds safe when I'm building them in their stages because of the rigid structure of the case. The larger size of it means that it can do this with all but the largest of the lego sets I have been building recently.

One of the selling points that is given is the washable/waterproof nature of the case. This wasn't something that would have sold me on it but a parent of a messy child would be pretty pleased with that.

Overall this was a resounding success to the point where I had to give away the surprise for my mum's birthday/Christmas when she saw it to stop her from buying one.

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